Recognizing that all individuals and their relationships are unique our retreats are bespoke. However the elements you will experience include :


  • Healthy nutritious 'power smoothie' breakfast
  • Individual 90 minute 1-1 breath sessions with Alan eliciting presence , embodiment and, on occasion, emotional clearing


    After a leisurely vegetarian lunch and perhaps a rest or swim in the pool, the couple will join Donna for a 2 hour relationship coaching session. These sessions vary according to needs but include:

  • Understanding the phases relationships go through and learning tools to navigate each stage
  • Learning a simple and effective communication tool that allows both partners to hear and feel heard, to understand and feel understood
  • Learning each others 'love language' and how to honour it
  • Exploring individual values and creating a shared vision for your relationship
  • Deepening connection through a series of bonding exercises
  • Learning new and exciting ways to appreciate each other on a deeper level
  • Learning tools to resolve and move on from conflict, rebuilding trust when it's been broken
  • Sharing frustrations in a safe space, recognizing and acknowledging the fears underneath and making requests to support change and growth
  • Understanding the differing 'energies' people bring to a relationship and ways to appreciate both
  • Exercises to rekindle and enhance the romance, sex, fun and surprise in the relationship


  • Delicious Vegetarian Dinner
  • Joint evening project assignments

  • There will also be plenty of time to enjoy each other. Time to rest, relax, take a dip in the hot tub, swim in the ocean, explore the island, take a leisurely stroll around the beautiful nearby village of Teguise, visit the Mountains of Fire National Park...or simply practice 'horizontal meditation' by the pool.