Relationship Reconnect offer bespoke
retreats on the magical island of Lanzarote
for individual couples who are seeking
to enhance their experience of being in
relationship with each other. The intention
is to allow the time and space to give
themselves the attention they deserve
without the distractions of everyday life
getting in the way.

You will be supported in this endeavour
by Breath Facilitator Alan Dolan and
Relationship Coach Donna Lancaster. Their
role is to co-facilitate the achievement of
an ever-deepening physical, emotional,
intellectual and spiritual connection

between the two of you. The beautiful,
private and relaxing environment of the
retreat providing the perfect context in
which to do so.

Relationship Reconnect is the result
of a fortuitous meeting between Alan
and Donna. The two shared their
unique ways of working and realised
that, when combined, these could offer
groundbreaking opportunities for couples
wishing to work on improving the quality
of their relationship whether that relates to
specific challenges or making a good thing
even better.

As featured in Asia Spa

Lisa Butcher, Model and

TV Presenter and Michael

Jacobson, Entrepreneur.

"We didn't know quite what to expect from the Relationship Reconnect retreat, however it surpassed all expectations. Our relationship has improved considerably; we have learnt how to communicate with each other and respond rather than react and to realise what is our own stuff and not simply projections. Donna is an incredible woman, she has so much love, compassion and warmth combined with a huge dose of knowledge and understanding. That mixed with Alan's transformational breath meditations, fantastic advice and gentle ways I feel like a different, new and improved me. Life has gone from black and white to glorious technicolour and that is all down to our trip to the magic island and retreat. I can't recommend it highly enough."