Transformational Breathwork is a powerful tool
which assists practitioners in switching from
'survive' to 'thrive mode creating positive change
within the physical , mental-emotional and spiritual
levels of our beings.

The Sunday Times deemed it "Turbo Psychotherapy"
the premise being that one 90 minute session is
equivalent to 2 years of traditional therapy. Beyond

the hyperbole what we do believe is that breathwork
is an empowering life-changing tool which can help
us become more present in our bodies, release
mental-emotional baggage in such a way that it no
longer prevents us being who we truly are and, in
addition, assist us in creating exactly the kind of life
we feel excited and passionate about.

Following the Breathwork individuals are more
open and less defended. It is from this clear and
open-hearted place that Donna is able to then work
with couples on a very deep and intuitive level.

Within a safe, relaxed and confidential space, the
couple come together to honestly explore their
relationship at all levels.
The sessions enable couples to enhance their
understanding of why they think, feel and act
they way they do in the relationship
and provide a range of practical tools to enable the

desired changes. Each session builds on the one
before and is adapted according to the needs of
the couple. The focus is on healthy communication,
clearing blocks to true intimacy and recreating a
loving bond and connection. Ultimately couples
are taken on a journey which highlights how their
respective life experiences have impacted upon
the dynamic of their relationship. This in turn allows
them to move towards their co-created vision of a
healthy, happy and passionate relationship.