The retreat is for any couple wanting to build on
or regain a deep loving connection. It can be
especially supportive to couples who know the
love is there but feel that a certain magic has been
lost along the way, perhaps through the passage
of time, raising children, life stresses or other
unforseen factors.

Should you already have a great relationship and
would like to make a 'good thing even better'
this could provide an ideal way to enhance and
build upon that solid foundation. Opening your
hearts more fully to each other allows greater
understanding of both the individual and joint
dynamics within the relationship. This can enhance
your experience of each other allowing you to reach
new levels of intimacy and fulfillment.

The retreat can also offer a beautiful space for
couples who have decided to separate/divorce and
wish to do this in a loving, respectful and conscious
manner rather than the conflict-based scenarios
many people experience.